Why does my dog cry in the morning?

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Crying or whining is one of the most common ways for dogs to communicate because they cannot communicate like humans. There are several reasons why my dog cries first thing in the morning. Some of these reasons are insignificant. However, the change in your dog’s behaviour is still concerning and should be addressed before it’s too late.

So, why does my dog cry first thing in the morning? The most common reasons are that he needs to go for a pee/potty break, is hungry, has a change in his daily routine, or simply wants your attention. But don’t forget that there’s also a medical issue here that can’t be overlooked.

Today, in this article you will know all the reasons why your dog cries in the morning and how to solve this problem.

Why does my dog cry in the morning? (REASONS)

1.Needing to pee/potty

The most common reason is that your dog needs to go pee/potty in the morning, so they come to tell you that they need to go potty. This is common among new dog owners, who frequently misinterpret their dog’s actions and scold them for it.

Younger dogs cannot hold their bladders for long periods of time. They can hold their bladder for approximately as many hours as their months of age plus one (i.e., a two-month-old pup can hold it about three hours, a three-month-old about four hours).


Another cause your dog may cry in the early hours is starvation. It happens when you don’t feed your dog enough, when he’s bloated from eating too much, or when he has an upset stomach.

Make sure you give your dog the recommended number of meals, each at a specific time, so that it becomes his habit to eat at a specific time and not cry first thing in the morning.


When dogs are bored, especially in the morning, they will cry to get your attention. This is caused by a lack of mental and physical exercise provided to the dog, as well as excess heat in his body, which causes him to cry in the morning.

4.Anxiety or frustration

If puppies are left alone for an extended period of time, they can become lonely and stressed (for a whole night). This causes your dog to cry in the morning due to loneliness and separation anxiety.

Allow your dog to sleep in the same room as you so that they don’t feel alone and so that both of you can sleep peacefully.

5.Change in daily routine 

If your dog has suddenly begun crying in the morning, it is most likely due to a change in his daily routine. Dogs, like humans, prefer fixed routines and take time to adjust to new ones.

You should never change something abruptly; doing so may cause your dog to cause problems by crying in the morning.

6.Medical cause

Sleep is essential for a dog’s overall health, just as it is for humans. It also makes a dog feel more refreshed and energised. If your dog isn’t getting enough sleep during the day, it’s probably due to a medical issue.

Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder of the nervous system that primarily affects young dogs. After a period of excitement or physical activity, a dog with narcolepsy will collapse on its side and fall asleep.

7.Change in environment

If you have recently moved away from your home, this could be the source of your dog’s morning crying. This is normal for dogs because they are anxious and prefer to be away from their familiar surroundings, which can lead to loneliness.

When dogs go through major life changes, they frequently experience stress and display it in a variety of ways.

8.Seeking attention

If your dog feels left out, he or she may cry for your attention. They are frustrated and uneasy as a result of this. They do this because they believe their owner is not paying enough attention to them.

If you work long hours and are unable to spend much time with your dog, you should try these puzzle toys, which will keep your dog entertained and never bore them. Some of these puzzle toys are as follows:

9.Uncomfortable sleeping environment

If your dog’s sleeping environment is not comfortable, he may not be able to get a full night’s sleep, resulting in him waking up early and crying.

A high-quality dog bed, paired with a warm blanket, will help your dog fall asleep quickly.

Dog bed should be cozy, warm and squashy.

These are the dog beds that are best rated on Amazon and are personal favorites. These are the beds that will help your dog to get better and peaceful sleep. 

How to stop your dog from crying in morning?

1.Give him exercise

Every dog owner should provide their dogs with exercise on a daily basis. It is critical for dogs to maintain their health and fitness. It also helps them sleep better, use energy and heat in their bodies, and stay fresh. This will help your dog stop crying or whining in the morning, as well as allow you and your dog to get a good night’s sleep.

Take your dog for daily 45-minute to one-hour walks for physical exercise. You can stimulate your dog’s mind by playing tug of war with him.

These are some of the toys which help your dog to distract and mentally stimulate them.

2.Consult your veterinarian

There is a disease that makes it difficult for dogs to sleep properly at night, resulting in morning crying. Insomnia is rare in dogs. It can cause It can be caused by physical health issues that are painful (like arthritis or an injury), itchy (like fleas), or cause frequent urination (like kidney disease or diabetes) leading to crying in dogs. 

3.Pee/potty break before bedtime

If you have a younger puppy, and younger puppies are unable to hold their bladder for long periods of time, you should take him for one last pee/potty break before bedtime, and set a couple of alarms in the middle of the night to take him for a pee/potty break.

You can use pee/potty pads to help train your little pooch to pee/potty in a specific location. Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Pad is one of the best product when it comes to price and quality.

4.Don’t punish

Punishment is ineffective in eliciting good behaviour from your dog. Punishment is the application of a stimulus that reduces the likelihood of a behaviour being repeated.

Never hit or punish your dog, as this is harmful to both your dog and yourself.

5.Make a bedtime routine

You should always begin establishing a bedtime routine for your dog at a young age, as this will help your dog sleep better at night and avoid causing problems in the morning by crying.

Step one is to furnish his crate with a warm, comfortable bed, a cosy blanket, and a cover to make it more den-like, as dogs prefer.

If your dog has trouble sleeping, you can use soothing scents to calm and relax him and help him sleep peacefully. These are some of the calming scents:

6.Give him training

Teach your dog not to start chaos in the early hours by waking up and crying, but to be patient until you wake up; this form of training is known as obedience training, and it is very useful for you to make your dog obey.

You can train your dog with training treats, which will help him understand that he will be rewarded for obeying you. The following are some of the best treats for training your dog:

Final thoughts!

Dogs cry, just like humans, but their tears can be caused by a variety of factors and should not be ignored at all costs. You should investigate the cause of this behaviour and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue.

If there is a health issue, you should treat it appropriately with the assistance of your veterinarian.

Has your dog ever sobbed? Please let us know in the comments section below!

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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