Why does my dog cry when he’s alone?

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Ever noticed your dog whining when you leave the house? Yes, it’s completely heartbreaking and sometimes dog owners can’t leave their house alone because of their adorable furball. But, it shouldn’t be like this. Your dog must learn to be on his own when you need to go out and you need to help your dog overcome this problem otherwise it could be problematic in the future. 

So, why does my dog cry when he’s alone? The common reason for this problem is separation anxiety. It is normal in younger pups as they are used to being with their mum and littermates 24×7 but now you’re his mum and his forever home so he feels anxious and stressed when left alone. Other reasons for this behavior are lack of exercise, boredom, fear, and restlessness. 

Most pet parents have this question in their mind and most of the pet parents are trying to solve this problem and most have completely failed. Puppies cry for many reasons but as their parents, it’s your responsibility to find out the correct reason and solve the reason. 

If you are one of those dog parents who are trying to figure out this problem then in this article I will tell you all the reasons for such behavior and how to solve this problem. 

Reasons Why does my dog cry when he’s alone

1. Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the reasons why your dog whines, barks, and howls while being alone. It is more common in younger pups as they are used to being with their mum and littermates all the time so when you leave him alone your dog feels anxious and stressed out. Younger pups are more dependent on their owner as compared to older dogs. 

Separation anxiety can lead to excessive howling, barking, whining, and destructive behavior which can big problem in the future. This happens with those dogs which are always stuck to their owner and rarely spend time outdoors alone. Puppies who tend to spend time alone in their crate or outdoors are less likely to get separation anxiety.

2. Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise is another reason for your dog’s whining. Lack of exercise can lead to an increase in vocalization, destruction, restlessness, loss of appetite, and many other problems. Lack of exercise can lead to behavioral and physical problems such as weight gain, annoying behavior, pulling on the leash, aggression, and depression. 

If you have noticed your dog has gained some weight, is unable to sleep properly, has excessive barking and howling at night, rough paying then this means your dog isn’t getting enough exercise and has pent-up energy. Unwanted behavior is one of the most obvious signs that your dog requires more exercise. Well, a tired dog is a well-behaved dog. 

3. Boredom

Boredom can lead to excessive barking, howling, and whining which can be annoying sometimes. If you know that all the whining and barking is due to boredom, don’t focus on physical exercise. Your dog also needs mental stimulation. Keep your dog entertained to prevent destruction and trouble throughout the day. 

Many breed dogs usually get bored and just lie down and sleep but most of the dogs show destructive behavior which can be problematic in the future. They need fun stuff and activities to keep them occupied throughout the day. To keep your entertained and tire them physically and mentally then you must come up with fun activities and games to play with him.

4. Fear

Fear can be problematic if it is not sorted out with time and age. If you know that your dog has fear of a certain thing or gets anxious after hearing, seeing, or going somewhere then you must desensitize your dog to that particular thing, place, or person as soon as possible. Fear can lead to excessive barking, howling, and whining which is frustrating as well as annoying. 

5. Restlessness

If you have noticed your dog running around the house in the middle of the night and unable to sleep properly, waking up early in the Morning or having zoomies before bedtime then your dog isn’t getting enough exercise that’s why he is showing such behavior. He has pent-up energy which is unused and can cause crying and whining when left alone. 

How to stop your dog from crying when he’s alone?

1. Set a Daily Routine

Set a daily routine when you bring a new pup. It will help your dog adjust to his new forever home more quickly. Make sure that the routine remains the same every single day. It will help reduce anxiety, helps in housetraining your puppy, prevent your pup to become obese, and helps in training your pup. 

Note: Consistency is the key to success. 

2. Daily Exercise

You must give your dog age-appropriate exercise not only physical but all mental stimulation which is essential for all ages dogs. Proper exercise every day helps your dog to be physically and emotionally healthy and get a good night’s sleep. It also helps you as your dog doesn’t have pent-up unused energy i.e. No destructive behavior. 

the rule of thumb is that they need about 45 minutes to 1 hour of exercise every day. If you have recently bought a new and young Labrador retriever then the good news is that up to 3-4 months of age they will be needing a minimal amount of exercise per day, a little bit of tug of war and fetch would be more than enough to make your pup tired and to stay perfectly healthy. For playing fetch you can buy a fetch ball from Amazon which is the best and top-rated. 

If you can’t take your dog outside due to weather or any other reason then you must exercise your dog both physically and mentally indoors. For this, you can buy a Ball launcher from Amazon. This will keep your pup occupied and will also tire him up and your dog won’t be having any pent-up energy. 

For young pups you must can Kong which will not only help them to get mental and physical stimulation but also help them in teething. 

3. Get Puzzle toys

Puzzle toys will help your dog get mental stimulation. It helps when you’re not around to give him proper exercise. It will also keep your dog occupied. These toys also help to distract your dog when you have guests in your house or you can’t take your dog outside due to the weather. 

You can buy Puzzle toys from Amazon which are the best and top-rated. Make sure to switch these puzzle toys regularly to keep your dog interested and not get them bored. Some of the puzzle toys are:

4. Train him

You can train your dog which also helps to exercise your dog, hence, no crying. You should start training your pup the moment you bring him home. You can teach your dog basic commands such as sit, down, speak, off, etc. You can give your obedience training. It is important for all dogs. It really helps your dog to listen to you when you ask him to do something he’s familiar with. 

Make sure to train your dog by giving positive reinforcement such as treats, praises, and toys. Be consistent with your training sessions and your dog will be equally excited. If your dog is young then start with small sessions of training such as 10-15 minutes at a time because puppies have a very short attention span. 

5. Leave him with familiar sounds

If you are leaving your dog alone make sure to leave yours with familiar sounds such as keeping the television on or the backyard door open so that your dog doesn’t feel alone and anxious. Leave him with the sounds he’s aware of and not strange unfamiliar sounds that can make your dog more anxious which leads to crying or whining. 

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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