Why does my dog not like to cuddle?

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Well, not all dogs hate cuddling some of them do like it but most of the dogs don’t at the same time. It’s because it gives them stress and anxiety when hugged or cuddled. Most pet parents expect their pets to be cuddly when adopting them but it’s not true with all dogs.

So why do dogs hate to cuddle? The simple answer is that it makes them claustrophobic, so they tend to flee when hugged or cuddled because their instincts tell them to flee when they are anxious or stressed. However, there are other reasons as well, such as prior abuse, pain, normal behaviour, incorrect holding, stressful situations, and jealousy.

There are times when some dogs are more anxious than others, and they will need more time to adjust. Don’t worry, they’ll come around because everyone loves snuggling.

If you’re wondering why your hate cuddling or run when you try to hug him then this article is for you. Today, I will tell you everything about whY your dog does such a thing and what can you do about it. 

Why does my dog hate cuddling?

1. Prior Abuse

This might be the reason why your dog doesn’t like to cuddle. Your dog might be mishandled in past which would have left a traumatic experience for your dog that’s why your dog doesn’t like to cuddle or be held. 

Due to prior abuse and mishandling, your dog might be scared and anxious about another human. Don’t worry give your dog time and try to build a bond with your dog so that he will feel safe with you and he might start cuddling and snuggling you. 

2. Claustrophobic

Many dogs are claustrophobic i.e. they are afraid of close and tight spaces in which they can’t get out. The causes of such anxiousness vary, but are generally the result of poor crate training or using the crate or another enclosed area as a way to punish. Using confined spaces to punish your dog teaches him that they are associated with bad things.

The problem is not cuddling or hugging the problem comes when the dog’s instincts them to run away or get away if they are in a closed space as they feel that they can get trapped inside and won’t be able to escape the tight space. 

3. Pain

If your dog suddenly stops snuggling you, it could be due to pain. He is in pain when you hold him incorrectly or when he is held by a body part that is in pain.

If you feel that your dog is not feeling well then you should consult your vet and explain the problem you’re facing. Your veterinarian will examine your dog and will treat the undiagnosed pain that your dog is feeling.

4. Jealousy

If you have a newborn baby or a pet then this might be the of your dog not cuddling with you as they feel that he is not getting your attention as he used to. Yes, you heard it right like humans dogs also feel jealous. 

5. Stressful Situations 

If your dog has been in a stressful situation for a couple of days or even a couple of hours then this might be the reason why your dog’s behaviour has changed and that’s why he is not cuddling with you. 

Don’t be concerned; just give your dog some time to adjust and he’ll come around. As you may have noticed, some dogs shake and shiver so much when they are taken to the vet that the owner notices a slight behavioural change. Because the dog has been through a stressful and anxious situation, it will take some time for the dog to recover and return to normalcy.

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6. Normal Behaviour 

If you just got a pup and wondering why your dog doesn’t like cuddling it’s because he just doesn’t like to cuddle or it’s his normal behaviour. As some humans don’t like hugs, it is the same with dogs they also don’t like close and personal touching. 

It also depends on the breed of dog you’re getting. Some breeds of dogs are more independent than other breeds and they like their own personal space and do their own thing and are not much attention seekers. They just like to mind their own business. 

If your dog like their own personal space then you should provide them with a safe and personal space for themselves. For this, you can get your dog a comfortable bed to feel safe and take a nap whenever he feels like it. You can buy a dog bed from Amazon.

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Signs that your dog doesn’t like petting.

There are several signs and behaviour patterns that dogs give to tell you that they don’t like when you hold, pet, or cuddle them. It could be due to all the reasons you just read above. 

Here is a short list of yea or nay body language signifiers for petting. Of course, they all vary with individual dogs, and context is crucial. These are widely accepted observations, but they are not absolute.

  • They move their head when you reach for them
  • They move away
  • They look away
  • They scratch themselves
  • They yawn
  • They leave the area
  • Growling
  • Snapping

Final Thoughts!

So, if your dog exhibits any of the symptoms listed above, you’ll know what to do. There are some dogs who dislike being cuddled and held for long periods of time, and there is nothing wrong with that. They are simply born in this manner. Perhaps their parents or one of the parents does not like to be cuddled or held, so it is perfectly normal for your dog to do so.

Lastly, I would say either it is your dog’s natural behaviour or there is something wrong. If you suspect that your dog is in pain or feeling uncomfortable then you should get your dog checked by your vet who will tell you the underlying cause for your problem and your dog’s changed behaviour.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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