Why does my dog put my shoes in her bed?

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Dogs often do weird things which we humans cannot understand. Have you ever noticed your dog stealing your shoes and keeping them in his bed? Well, most of the digs do this but what are the reasons behind this weird behaviour. Sometimes dogs sleep on their owner’s shoes rather than on the floor or anywhere else. It seems a little annoying plus disgusting to us. Shoes are smelly from sweat or normal wear and tear. 

So, why does your dog put your shoes in her bed? The simple reason for this is that she feels comfortable sleeping in your shoes which is perfectly normal. Sometimes dogs naturally steal shoes. They have had this habit of stealing shoes from when they were puppies. Other reasons for this behaviour can be due to pregnancy, different odours, attention-seeking and motherly instincts. 

Is your dog a good shoe stealer? She sneaks into the room and takes your shoe with her without you even knowing. Sometimes dogs steal shoes because they are curious to know about your whereabouts. They take the shoes as if to make the collection or like they are pillows for collection. 

So, in this article, I will guide you to all the reasons why your dog takes your shoes in her bed. 

Reasons why your dog put your shoes in his bed

1. Feels Comfortable

Your dog steals your shoes just because it feels comfortable for him to sleep on the shoe which is a little weird but it makes complete sense to your dog. Your dog might need something to lean on. Same as humans do we need something under our head to make it elevated some dogs also like to keep theirs on an elevated surface. 

If you think that’s the reason why your dog is stealing your shoes then you should get a blanket and a big fluffy pillow for your dog to sleep on. You can also buy a bed which is comfortable and soft for dogs. You can buy bed from Amazon which is top-rated and the best. Some of the dog beds are listed below:

2. She smell the different scent in your shoes

If you just got home and your dog is taking your shoes tucked in her mouth to her bed then this might be because your dog smells a new scent. As we all know, dogs are curious animals. They want to know everything about where you’ve been. Who did you meet? Did you meet another dog? That’s why your dog steals your shoes. 

It mostly happens if you just got home after a couple of hours and your dog smells something strange from your shoes. 

3. Natural Behaviour

If your dog is naturally a shoe thief then you might have noticed this habit from the time when he was still a puppy. Some dogs just steal the shoe and collect them on their bed but some dogs steal the shoe to chew on them. If this is the case then you must train your dog about what is acceptable for him to chew on and what is not. 

You can buy a dog chew deterrent which prevents your dog from chewing on household stuff and destroying them. It is very helpful as it is bitter in taste and dogs don’t like it. You can spray it on things which you don’t want your dog to chew on. You can buy this on Amazon. 

You can train your dog to stop chewing on your shoes. Whenever you find your dog chewing on your shoes just take his toys and redirect him into the toy. By doing this constantly, he will know that he can only chew on his toys and not other household items. 

You can also train your dog to “leave it” a command. You can do this with a lot of positive reinforcement by praising him and giving him treats. 

4. To get your attention

Sometimes dogs do stuff which is not acceptable just to get your attention. That’s why dogs chew toys to get your attention. This usually happens when you are not giving your dog enough attention. If you have a newborn baby or a new puppy then this might be the reason for the dog showing this behaviour as she is jealous that he is not getting your attention. 

5. She is a puppy

Puppies usually are more curious than older dogs as the things around their new forever home are entirely different from theirs so they are trying to figure out things in your house. Puppies usually do stuff like stealing shoes in playful behaviour which is normal but you should try to train your puppy that it is not acceptable. You can redirect her when you catch her in the middle of the act. 

6. She is pregnant

Female dogs who are about to give birth often develop motherly instincts towards objects. You might notice your dog borrowing stuff like it’s her baby. But she takes random things like shoes, blankets, newspapers etc which is normal for female dogs. But, make sure your dog doesn’t become possessive towards these things. If she becomes possessive then she might snap at you while you are trying to get these things from her. 

If you’re sure that your dog is not pregnant then it might be due to a change in hormonal balances. Some dogs act like this without being pregnant. They just like to collect things and put them in their bed to make them comfy and warm. 

7. Motherly instincts 

If you’re sure that your dog is having a false pregnancy then also it is possible that your dog is showing nesting behaviour. If you have noticed your dog collecting things and licking them and trying to feed them it might be due to nesting behaviour. Your dog sees these things like her little pups. 

In this case, too, your dog can become aggressive or develop possessive behaviour towards different stuff which she sees as her little pups. She can also snap at you if you try to take these things away from her. 

Final thoughts!

Whatever the reason may be if your dog shows signs of this weird behaviour don’t think it is for nothing. It makes no sense to us humans but it makes perfect sense to our dogs. Dogs often show these behaviours due to boredom or separation anxiety.  They feel anxious when you leave them alone which is common in younger pups. 

If you think that it is a medical problem then you should immediately consult your vet and rule out the medical condition. If you think it is behavioural problem then you should take the help of a behaviourist.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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