Why does my dog rub against the wall?

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Dogs have cuteness overloaded but sometimes these furballs do things which are beyond our understanding. Have you ever noticed your dog doing weird things? You have no clue why your dog does these things. Today in this article we’re going to see one of those weird things which most dogs do i.e. rubbing themselves against the wall. 

So, why does my dog rub against the wall? The common reason for this behaviour is due to itchiness. They feel itchy so they rub themselves against the wall, bed or even couch. If this happens sometimes then there is no need to worry but if your dog does this more often or all the time then it could be due to other medical issues or he just wants to mark his territory. 

If you noticed your dog rubbing against the wall for other than the reasons listed below then please call the vet. This could be due to serious medical problems or even major behavioural problems. 

So, in this article, I will discuss all the possible reasons why your dog rubs against the wall and what you can do to stop it. Here are the reasons which most dog owners have given after dealing with this problem. 

Reasons Why does my dog rub against the wall?

1. Itchiness

Many dogs most of the time rub against the wall because they feel an itch or want to be scratched. It is normal until your dog does it more often which could be a sign of infection or allergy which should be checked by the vet as soon as possible. 

Your dog might have a favourite wall or carpet to rub against as the texture of such carpet just feels amazing. If your dog does this more often then keep close to him to figure out the reason behind such behaviour. You must solve this problem if you think it is serious. If you don’t get the appropriate reason for why your dog rub against the wall then please consult your vet. 

2. Anxiety

Anxious dogs usually do weird stuff which is beyond our understanding. Anxiety sometimes changes your dog’s behaviour which can be a little strange. In such cases, the dogs either get back to normal once they overcome their anxiety or anxiousness leaves a mark on them which can be threatening for the rest of their life. 

If you think your dog is stressed out or anxious then this might be the reason for your dog rubbing himself against the wall. Try to help your dog to overcome anxiety by giving them lots of positive reinforcement such as praises or treats. 

3. Leaving their Scent

Dogs often mark their territory wherever they go by peeing or rubbing a particular object. If your dog does so this might be the reason. Your dog is leaving their Scent so as to communicate. It is one of the ways dogs communicate. It tells other dogs and animals that it is their territory.

4. Collar or Harness too tight

If you notice your dog rubbing against the wall while wearing a collar or a harness then it might be the signal that they are trying to give you that it is uncomfortable and want you to take it off. You should check the size of the collar or Harness and find if it is too tight or not. 

You should buy the perfect size collar for your dog. Dog’s collar shouldn’t be too loose or too night. Too loose can be determined by: if your dog can get out of the collar too easily then it is too loose. If your dog’s collar is too tight then it can be uncomfortable for your dog as it might be choking or causing skin irritation to your dog 

The good rule of thumb is to keep your dog’s collar two-finger loose. Just slide your two fingers if it slides in easily and perfectly pinned to the collar then it is the right fit for your dog. 

You can buy a dog’s collar from Amazon. These are top-rated and best from personal experience. These collars are adjustable and come in different sizes. Some of the collars are listed below:

5. Dirty Face

If you find your dog rubbing his face against the wall then it might be due to a dirty face. A dirty face can cause itchiness and irritation which can be discomforting to your dog. If you think that your dog’s face is clean but still your dog is running his face then you should consult with the vet and rule out the condition. 

6. Medical Issues

There are certain medical issues which can lead your dog to rub himself or his face against the wall. If the rubbing continues for a certain period of time then it can cause bigger problems in the future. So, to avoid that you should consult your vet as soon as possible and rule out the medical condition. 

The most common cause is temporary allergies caused by pollens, especially in late summer; this is known as canine atopy in dogs. If you’ve recently changed his diet and he starts rubbing his face, he may be allergic to one of the ingredients. your dog can get allergic to a new food or treat you have started giving him recently which can cause itchiness motivating your dog to rub himself against the wall. 

There are other skin problems which can cause your dog to develop such habits. Dry skin can lead to itchiness. Try finding redness or dandruff in your dog’s fur if you sense any of dandruff then it might be due to dry skin. You should call the vet and ask if it is normal or not and what you can do about it. 

Final Thoughts!

If your dog frequently rubs himself against the wall then you must find the reason behind your dog’s weird behaviour and should try to solve the problem or call your vet. 

Lastly, I would say if you find any weird behaviour that your dog exhibit then you should find the reason behind it or consult the vet. If you think that it is a behavioural problem then you should take the help of a dog behaviourist. 

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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