Why does my dog sleep by the door?

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Puppies are curious creatures and they find a comfortable spot other than their own bed for them to sleep or take a nap. We humans can’t seem to figure out our pup’s body language and certain behaviour, it’s always a mystery to human beings. But we try our best to understand it. Sleeping by the door is one such behaviour which we don’t understand why our dogs do that when they have a perfectly comfortable bed spot i.e. bed to sleep on or lie down

Most dog owners have this question: why does my dog sleep by the door? The most common reason for this is to guard the house or mark their territory. Every dog finds its best and favourite place to take a nap. Besides this, the other reason for such behaviour is separation anxiety which is most common in younger pups, curiosity or they just want to go out to pee/poop.

Dogs have highly sensitive senses whether it’s ears, nose or eyes. They are much better than us humans plus they are curious animals and want to know everything about what’s going on outside the house. 

If your dog does this too then today you’re in the right place because in this article I will elaborate on every reason for the dog’s behaviour and why you shouldn’t encourage such behaviour. 

Reasons Why does my dog sleep by the door

1. To Guard The House

Dogs often do sleep by the door in order to protect or guard the house. Dogs mark their territory in order to protect themselves from other dogs. Dogs are pack animals and they do this to protect their pack as there are high chances of survival in the pack rather than being alone. 

Dogs protect their owners and they have been doing so for many years. For thousands of years, we’ve relied on our furry friends to keep dangerous animals at bay and unwanted visitors at bay. Your dog might think that he needs to protect the house and you from any danger. As a result, your dog would sleep by the door the entire time you’re sleeping to keep any threat at bay.

2. Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is common in younger dogs as they are used to being with their mum and other little mates. Your dog might be sleeping at the door because of separation anxiety as he is afraid that you will leave him alone. Separation anxiety can become a big problem in future so don’t let your dog decide whether you can go out or not. Some people cannot leave the house because of their clingy dogs. 

You must try to train him to be on his own sometimes. You can do this by leaving him for 10 minutes in the beginning and then increasing the timing by 5 minutes every time. By doing this your dog will get used to being alone for a small period of time. 

Separation anxiety can lead to destructive behaviour or even aggression in dogs so you must work on it from the early age of your pup and puppies learn fast. By leaving him for a small period of time alone in the house or backyard, he’ll know that it is not too bad to be alone. 

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3. To look outside

Some dogs sleep at the door to know what other people or dogs are going. They are just curious to know what is happening outside the house. It can also happen if your dog has seen some unknown animal that he is curious to know about. 

4. He is Comfortable

Dogs find their own comfortable place to take a power nap at any time of the day. Your dog might like the place near the door or find it comfortable to lay near the door. The doorway may be a place where your dog feels secure, away from the rest of the house. As a result, they mark it as their territory.

5. Curiosity

Dogs are curious creatures. Most of the time sleep near the door out of curiosity about what is happening behind the door where they can see other dogs or animals or new people. 

They have better senses than us humans. Maybe your dog smells a new scent or sees new people or hears something strange that they are curious about. That’s why they sleep in the doorway. 

6. Waiting for you

If you have gone out and you see your dog sleeping at the door when you come back to the house then it might be because he is waiting for you to come back. Dogs also miss their owners and want to be around them but they must learn to be alone for a short period of time. 

Don’t you feel sad when someone you love leaves and all he wants for you to come back. It is similar for dogs too. They just miss you and sleep in the doorway so they can greet you when you come back to the house.

7. Need to pee or poop

The most common reason for your dog’s sleeping in the doorway is that he wants to go out to pee/potty. Puppies need to go for pee/potty more often than older dogs. Puppies have small bladders and cannot hold them for a long time. Older dogs can go without peeing for hours but it also depends upon age and also the breed of dog you have. 

Should you encourage the behaviour?

If your dog is just sleeping in the doorway then it’s not a problem. But, if he is sleeping or just sitting there with an intention to run out of the door straight to the street as soon as it opens it can be a major problem in the future. You can train your dog commands such as stay, and sit. By this, he’ll know he has to stay if you tell him to stay. 

But doing this, you will need a lot of positive reinforcement such as your dog’s favourite toy or a treat. This will take some time but you’ll get through it. Just be consistent with your training sessions with your pup. 

Training also helps to give your puppy mental stimulation which helps them get tired and get a good night’s sleep. 

If your dog does so to just jump on guests as soon as they enter the house you should try to distract your dog with toys which are his favourite. You can give your dog chew toys. Chews are great for making your dog’s teeth clean and strong. You can buy chew toys from Amazon which are top-rated and at reasonable prices. Some of them are:

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