Why does my dog want to sleep with me all of a sudden?

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Is your pooch suddenly requesting to sleep with you and you have no idea why? Don’t worry, today in this article I will tell you everything from why your dog suddenly wants to sleep with you? Should you allow your dog to sleep with you, and how can you prevent your dog from sleeping with you?

The most common reason why your dog want to sleep with you is he is cold, he feels anxious without you, he wants to protect you, he wants your attention and due illness and injury.

So, let’s go over the reasons why your dog wants to sleep with you?

Why does my dog want to sleep with me?

1. They feel cold

Every pet owner gets the best quality bed for their adorable dog’s comfort. However, one thing that many dog owners overlook when selecting a bed is how warm the bed will keep their dog.

The following are a few things that every dog owner should keep in mind when shopping for a dog bed:

  • The size of the bed should be slightly larger than your dog’s body size. You will be able to sleep comfortably if the bed is larger.
  • Always prioritise durability so that the bed can be used for many years to come. If your dog has a bad chewing habit, a strong canvas-like fabric bed is preferable to a bed filled with foam pieces or other cushioning.
  • Heated dog beds can be beneficial for some dogs on cold nights, particularly those with short fur coats and older dogs. Some of the best beds on Amazon that will keep your dog warm and comfortable while sleeping are:

2. Fear & Anxiety

Dogs, like humans, can become anxious at times. Because they are unable to express their feelings and emotions, they tend to cling to you and sleep with you in order to alleviate their anxiety and fear.

Separation anxiety can occur when the owner leaves the puppy alone for an extended period of time or when the puppy is split up from its mother and littermates.

So, if your dog is exhibiting separation anxiety, this could be the primary reason they’ve begun sleeping with you.

3. To Protect You

Dogs have a protective nature toward the people they love. They will often sleep with you to demonstrate their protective nature.

However, dogs will sometimes do this because they require your protection. This could be due to previous fear or negative experiences. When left alone in its own bed, it whimpers, backs, or even tosses and moves inconveniently.

To feel secure, they may want to sleep on top of you or even at your feet.

4. Sign of Affection

Dogs adore their owners, and as a way of expressing their affection, they sleep and cuddle with them. They do this because you are their companion, friend, and playmate. They are naturally at ease sleeping next to you.

5. Loneliness

Dogs have a natural tendency to sleep in groups. They have a habit of sleeping in a group with their mother and siblings from the time they are born.

When you allow your dog to sleep in his own bed away from you, he will feel lonely and, at times, frightened.

You are the only person available to him to sleep with. As a result, they usually sleep in their owners’ beds.

6. Illness

If your dog suddenly starts sleeping with you, it could be due to an illness or medical condition. If this is the case, you should take your dog to a veterinarian right away.

Your dog may not be feeling well or may have an underlying medical condition that you are unaware of. A dog in pain does not always show it.

6. Possessiveness

Dogs are usually possessed by the person with whom they live or spend the majority of their time. They may believe that you have the right to share everything with them at times.

This can be very annoying when you are working or have guests at your home.

7. Encouraging the behaviour

Most new dog owners make the big mistake of rewarding bad behaviour, which becomes a habit and causes problems later on.

Most new dog owners make the big mistake of rewarding bad behaviour, which becomes a habit and causes problems later on.

Should I Let My Dog Sleep With Me?

According to the study, only about half of all pet owners allow their furry baby to sleep with them. Every dog owner has been told at some point let their dog sleep on their bed. However, according to new research, there are numerous advantages to co-sleeping with your dog.

Co-sleeping with pets was believed to be effective in some ancient societies.


Pet parents mention that their dogs improve their quality of sleep in survey-based studies, but prior actigraphy-based studies of human-dog co-sleeping have reached the conclusion that the practise can cause sleep arousals and disturbances, reducing sleep efficiency.

Final Thoughts

Dogs have a natural tendency to live in packs. Different people think in different ways. Some people believe that allowing your dog to sleep with you is completely acceptable, while others believe that it is a bad habit that will cause you problems.

In other words, there is no general rule. Even though some scientific studies support and believe it is safe, others believe it can harm your health, relationships, and sleep quality.

Finally, whether you want to encourage the habit or not is entirely up to you.

Please share your thoughts in the comments!

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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