Why does my Labrador lick me so much?

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Have you ever noticed your dog licking you? It’s a big hit with your dog. Do you, however? Is there something wrong with this behaviour? There is nothing wrong with this, but if your dog does it frequently, it can be embarrassing and indicate a serious behavioural problem that should not be ignored.

Licking is a perfectly normal dog behaviour. Dogs typically lick to express their emotions to those they care about. Puppies use it to find their mother’s milk as well as a favourite teat. Adult dogs primarily use it to detect animal pheromones in substances such as urine or those emitted by a female dog in heat.

The most common reason dogs lick you is to show their love and affection. Licking is synonymous with kissing, which is something that people do. Your dog enjoys the flavour of your skin if he licks you excessively. The salty taste of sweat on a dog’s skin is appealing to them. Aside from that, your dog licks you for a variety of reasons, including communication, such as indicating that he is hungry, stressed, or simply wants to talk to you.

Let’s see what are some of the other reasons Why is your dog obsessed with your hands and feet.

Why does my dog lick my hands and feet? (Reasons)

1. Your Dog need more attention

The act of licking begins with affection and is reinforced by human reactions such as petting, smiling, and kissing back. Dogs, like humans, are always looking for attention. When your dog licks your hands and feet excessively, it is a sign that he wants to be loved. Most dogs do this when they do not receive adequate attention and care.

When dogs are lonely or bored, they lick their owner. Taking them for a walk and playing with them may aid in the control of their licking habit. You must provide your dog with adequate mental and physical exercise appropriate to their age.

2. Your dog loves the taste of your skin

Human skin is salty due to sweat, and most dogs enjoy the taste of salt. Dogs enjoy licking their owners’ hands, especially their feet. Dogs usually lick your feet when you come home from work and remove your socks. I know it’s disgusting to us, but your dog enjoys it.

3. Your dog might be hungry

If your Labrador starts licking your hands and feet all of a sudden, it could be an indication that he or she is hungry. Every dog owner should feed their dog a well-balanced diet at the same time every day. Changing your dog’s diet or feeding schedule will make him hungry, and he may express his dissatisfaction by licking your feet and hands.

If you have fed your dog properly and he is still excessively licking, you should consult your veterinarian to resolve the problem.

4. Your dog is being submissive to you

One of the main reasons a dog will lick a person’s feet is to show their master that they are submissive. More importantly, it indicates that they are content in this role.

The dog can secure its place in the family by accepting the social order of the home by displaying this act of domesticity and submission.

5. Your dog is in a Stress

Your dog licking you may also indicate stress or dissatisfaction. Dogs commonly relax and release stress by licking their owners’ hands and feet. If your puppy is young, frequent licking may indicate separation anxiety. When you leave your puppy alone, he will become concerned and will lick you when you return.

Your dog may lick you (or themselves) simply for the sake of passing the time.

6. Your dog is trying to communicate something

We can communicate our emotions as humans by talking, but dogs cannot. Dogs express their emotions through licking and kissing.

Licking, like the yawn, can communicate information about dominance, intentions, and state of mind, and is primarily a pacifying behaviour. All pacifying behaviours, including licking, contain elements of puppy behaviour. Puppies lick themselves and their littermates as part of the cleaning process, which appears to strengthen bonds.

7. Your dog might be Anxious

Anxiety can also be the cause of your dog licking all over you. Anxiety can be caused by a variety of factors, including being left alone for an extended period of time by the owners.

Boredom and loneliness are the most common causes of anxiety in this situation, which may be related to a previous negative experience while left alone. It could also be old-age-onset separation anxiety, which is caused by a decline in cognitive understanding or memory in senior dogs.

How Can I Get My Dog to Stop Licking Me?

Dog owners should remember that licking is very common in dogs and that it is nearly impossible to completely prevent it. Positive reinforcement training can help you control it.

Below are some more ways to stop your dog from licking.

1. Ignore your dog and walk away

When your dog starts licking your hand or feet, the best thing you can do is ignore him and walk away to another room. I know it’s difficult to ignore your adorable fluffy friend, but it’s the only way to teach your dog.

If you do not reward this undesirable behaviour with your attention, it will become less frequent.

2. Give your dog plenty of Mental and Physical exercise

Dogs frequently lick to avoid boredom, which is caused by a lack of mental and physical exercise. You must provide your dog with regular physical and mental stimulation by taking him for a walk, playing tug of war, or fetching.

You can buy fetch ball from Amazon. This also helps in giving a good amount of exercise to your dog. Interactive puzzle games also help in giving mental stimulation to your dog. This helps when you cannot take your dog outside for walking or exercising due to weather or any other reason.

3. Try Bitter sprays

Dogs generally dislike the bitter taste of things like lemon or apple cider vinegar. To prevent your dog from licking, you can use bitter sprays available on the market.

You can buy a dog deterrent that acts as a bitter spray. It helps in preventing licking and chewing inappropriate things in the house. You can buy this from Amazon. It is the best and top-rated.

4. Buy some toys for your dog

Dogs lick for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is boredom. To keep your dog occupied and prevent boredom, you can purchase a variety of toys. You can also purchase treat-dispensing toys to challenge your dog’s mind and burn off some of his stored energy.

Tug of war is loved by almost every dog. This not only helps in giving mental stimulation to your dog but also helps in teething (if you have a younger pooch). Try buying kong which acts as a great distracter for your dog whenever you’re working.

If you cannot take your dog outside for exercising then make sure to give him exercise inside the house. You can buy a ball launcher and your dog will absolutely love this. Once he understands how this works he will play by himself and you won’t have to lift a leg.

5. Training your dog

Training your dog’s “stop” command can be extremely beneficial. A high five, shake, or paw is also a good distraction for a dog who wants to lick.

When training is done with treats, it becomes more effective. Treats make it easier and faster to train your dog. These have chicken and bacon in them, which is the dog’s favourite. Treats also help your dog get the nutrition he needs. Here are a few of my suggestions:

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