Why is my dog overly affectionate?

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Snuggly dogs are the best but have you ever been in a situation when your dog is extra affectionate and always stuck to you wherever you go which can be a little annoying with time. The common thing is, that dogs get affectionate due to many reasons but it could be all due to some serious medical issue. So don’t avoid the signs of an overly affectionate dog and get your pup checked by the vet. 

So, why is your dog overly affectionate? The common reason for that is due to his natural behaviour. If your dog is too affectionate since his puppyhood then it’s in his nature and it’s perfectly normal. Other reasons for such behaviour are boredom, fear, separation anxiety, he is in heat, weather, age and lastly illness. 

Who doesn’t love to snuggle their pup? Everybody does! But if it is a bit too much then it can be a little annoying and frustrating because at the end of the day you still need your personal space and don’t want your dog up to your nose every second of the day. 

If you are looking for answers due to such behaviour of your dog then today in this article i will tell you all the reasons why your dog is overly affectionate and if it serious problem or not. 

Reasons why your dog is overly affectionate?

1. Boredom

Your dog suddenly being overly affectionate might be due to boredom. Boredom is a reason which makes your dog extra clingy. If your dog is clingy and affectionate and asks for attention all the time then this can be a problem in the future. 

You should give your dog age-appropriate exercise both physically and mentally every day so that your dog gets out all of his energy and get himself tired enough so that he doesn’t feel bored. 

2. Natural Behaviour

Some dogs are extra clingy to their puppyhood which is normal. It is in his nature. But, if your dog is too clingy and doesn’t let you do your own work then it can be problematic. Try distracting your dog by giving him treats, his favourite toy so that he gets occupied. 

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3. He is in Heat

When female dogs are in heat they want to feel extra loved and want your full attention. When female dogs get their period, some of them love to cuddle and won’t leave their owner’s side. Female dogs also get cramps which we know doesn’t feel good at all. 

Dogs typically go into heat on average every six months. There are both physical and behavioural signs that your dog is in heat. Your dog may also appear nervous, distracted, and open to male dogs.

4. Fear

Dogs often get overly affectionate due to fear. They are afraid of something or someone and they feel safe with you. That’s why they get clingy and don’t leave your side. This can change your dog’s behaviour and how they act around new people. If this is the case then you should try to help your dog overcome his fear. 

5. Thunderstorms

If you have noticed your pup being overly affectionate during thunderstorms then the answer to your problem is right in front of you. Thunderstorms can be frightening to dogs. Some dogs used to get scared or frustrated during the rainy season. They don’t like the sound of water striking the roof. Dogs are strong and heightened so they can hear 10 times more clear sounds than we humans.

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6. Separation Anxiety

If your dog gets more cuddly and clingy after you get home after a couple of hours of being away from him then it might be due to separation anxiety. This is common in the younger dog as they have the tendency to be with their littermates and mom all the time but now you are his new mom so he feels anxious and stressed when you leave him alone. 

Try leaving your dog for 10 to 15 minutes alone then extend the timing with time. Your dog will get used to being alone and will realise that being alone i.e. without you is not so bad. This will all take time so don’t rush your dog as it can lead to problems in future. 

You can leave your dog with Kong. This will keep your dog distracted and will help your dog get mental stimulation. You can buy this on Amazon. 

7. Illness

Dogs do get overly affectionate if they are ill or feel pain. If you think that your dog is ill or in pain then should check bruises or cuts on his paw pads. If you don’t find anything then you must consult your vet about your dog’s behaviour. 

8. Age

The older dogs get overly affectionate as they are entirely dependent on you. As dogs start to age they start to lose their sense of sight, hearing, and smell. So they always need your guidance and they also feel safe with you. Older dogs are less active than younger dogs. They don’t have the energy to run around and play. 

Final Thoughts!

Snuggling and cuddling is the best thing that most dogs love and we love it too but when your dog is affectionate and clingy all the time it can be frustrating at times. Affection is good to some extent. Dogs show affection at different times that’s why humans love dogs. 

If your dog is suddenly acting affectionate all the time then it might be due to a change in your body or your dog’s body. Whatever may be the reason, you must find the reason and rule out such behaviour. 

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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